Payment of the booking fee is acceptations of term and conditions. Not reading it or not signing information about reading the regulations does not release the consequences of the regulations.

1. Payment for the session takes place in two stages:

• The booking fee payment of 8000 kr should be made within 7 days from booking the date.

Failure to meet the payment deadline means of resignation from participation in the session and the reservation is canceled.

• The remaining amount must be paid on the day of the photo session, or within a maximum of 5 working days. It is only after receiving the FULL payment photographer begins the service.

  1. The booking fee in the event of a missed session is not refundable. It is possible to postpone the date of the session.
  2. Payment of the booking fee is tantamount to acceptance of the terms and conditions and the price list valid on the date of payment of the booking fee.
  3. The contract for the photo service is signed on the day of the photo session.
  4. The photographer undertakes to archive photos for a period of 1 year from the day of the session.
  5. Please refer to the photographer’s portfolio, individual style of taking photos, processing method and quality of submitted works.
  6. The photographer is not responsible for prints and other material made in places that have not been authorized (e.g. photo booth, internet, etc.)
  7. Parents / guardians are responsible for all types of damage done during the photo session by the participants, incurring financial costs.
  8. The photographer retains perpetual copyright to the pictures taken.
  9. The photographer does not sell unedited photos from the session. You can only purchase additional photographs after editing process. 
  10. Using photos, the Customer undertakes to indicate the Photographer’s data in the form of: Publication of photos with the photographer’s logo; submitting a link to the photographer’s website www.mdstudio.is or facebook.com/MichalinaDzianachFoto
  11. The photographer reserves the right to extend the time of delivery of the work for reasons beyond the control of the photographer (eg equipment failure, illness, planned vacations).
  12. The photographer grants a license (non-exclusive license) for non-commercial use of photographs (for private purposes) made on the session in all fields of use. The license is granted indefinitely. The photographer does not agree that the photos taken during the photo session are used for commercial purposes or by third parties.
    Photos may also not advertise any products or services without the photographer’s written consent.
  13. Pictures should not be changed in any way or processed by other applications like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc.